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Dress your business elegantly

Create and manage your full business profile including your logo, address, tel. number, email, and a brief summary on your business. Showcase your products, services and offers as well as directions to your place.

Seeing is believing

Make people fall in love with your brand by sharing and managing photos on your profile that will strengthen your brand and value.

Stay connected

Utilize the multiple communication channels with your prospects and customers. You can respond to comments and reviews to provide answers.

Messaging Service

Take communication to another level with our dedicated messaging services. You are reachable to your clients with just a click away.

Measure Activity

Keep track of visitors’ activity on your page. You’ll have statistics on Check in actions, directions requests, phone calls dialed from your page and more.

Automatic Filtering

Ensure your business image is well maintained with our automatic filtering of offensive content. Let customers focus on your value-offering.

Loyalty Program

Introduce a unique rewarding experience to your loyal customers with our smart loyalty program. Run loyalty programs, share offers and track collected points on your customer profiles with ease.

Know your customers

Meet your new customers; explore new check-in activities, as well as new comments and reviews. Have a deep look at your customer's feedback and favourites to create more bonding.

How Bizioner can help your business!

Every business aims to bond with customers and retain them, to do this you have to earn their trust. Your customers want to trust your business, but they trust other customers more. 14% of people believe what a brand tells them while 90% trust what other customers say. Bizioner gives you the golden opportunity of exposing your business to a community of satisfied users with a huge viral marketing power. A power that comes to serve your business with a fully manageable business profile, enriched customer communication and enhanced activity tracking.

Bizioner can help you with the one thing your company needs most … customer trust!

Free Tools

Just the essentials

A comprehensive set of tools for a full management of your Bizioner business page. Get all you need from creating a profile to bonding with your clients.

  • Enhance customer communication and measure activity
  • Create and maintain your full business profile
  • Upload and manage photos to your profile
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Customer Loyalty Program

Reward your customers

An advanced mobile rewarding system that will help you increase, engage and retain loyal customers. Take your loyalty programs to a whole new level of technology.

  • Free package features
  • Mobile rewarding system
  • Track loyal customers’ points’ collection
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